Monthly Archives: February 2017

Solo Backpack Trip to Spiti Valley - first pilgrim

Solo Backpack Trip to Spti Valley- Day in Shimla

Solo Backpack Trip: A Day in Shimla – a dream I don’t remember when and how grew so big, and a dream that turned into a reality that I will never forget! I wanted to travel without preparation or any thoughts. I just wanted to follow my heart; wanted to experience the thrill, adventure, joy, loneliness, all at the same time. Who knew it could happen to me just like that. These photographs are from my 15 days of journey, […]

Mount Nanada Ghunti and Trisul as seen from Junargali

Hiking the Roopkund Trail 

Hiking the Roopkund Trail: I always feel at home when involved in an expedition in the Himalaya. I’m the best version of myself when climbing the high passes, or strolling in the deep chasms! It was late July 2016 and I was just back from the epic 3-week bicycle Expedition in Ladakh. I wanted to join my friend Torres who was heading for a cycle trip Mongolia in September but work commitments and expensive Air China Flight tickets just didn’t […]

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