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On Climbing a Mountain

The closest I’ve come to meditating is while climbing a mountain.  Burdens strapped tight on the back, braving the chill in the thin air, and the stabs on your lungs.  Head turned down, watching every step intently and reveling in the mild surprise of having come this far. The painful gasping for that precious breath of air, as your head grows dizzy, and knowing that you have to take that one last step, maybe one more.  The rhythm that your […]


Why is the Snow Leopard so Elusive?

The magnificent snow leopard: Snow leopard, the magnificent cat with its gorgeous fur is a mysterious animal. It is found in the Central and South Asian mountains. It can easily adapt to high altitudes, thus making the barren stretches and dry climates of the mountains an ideal home. The much sought after an animal of the cat family is an endangered species with about four to six thousand of them left in the world. It survives in cold climates with […]

Cycling-manali-to-leh - first pilgrim

Manali to Khardungla on a Bicycle – Chalega? Pakka bata! Cycle Khareedta Hoon.

I had been dreaming about cycling Manali to Khardungla on a Bicycle for a while. I had heard stories from people who went there and came back transformed. Their voice would change and their eyes would sparkle, in an almost mystical fashion, as they spoke about their experiences. I needed to know what it was that provoked such emotions. And there was only one way to find out. Fast forward to June 20th and we were off from Manali. “Yaar, […]


In love with Oblivion – Real & Imagined stories cycling from Manali to Khardungla

In love with Oblivion – Real & Imagined stories cycling from Manali to Khardungla – A travel diary involving experiences and learning of four mountain bikers on their self-supported expedition from Manali to Leh. All characters and events are based on real people and real occurrences respectively. He lay flat on the ground protecting his eyes from the bright sun. Occasionally he peeked at the towering pass in front of him and quickly looked away in disbelief. By a stroke […]


Annapurna Circuit Trek – A First Person Account

Annapurna Circuit Trek | A First Person Account – 2016 was coming to an end and I was hoping to close the year on a high. YouTube videos on mountaineering left a craving to trek in the Himalayas and I set out to fulfill my dreams. My childhood friend had recently quit from his start-up & decided to follow his passion: mountains. He did six consecutive treks in Uttarakhand! A couple of calls and web digging later, both of us […]


12 Best Mountaineering Books of All Time

If you love Mountains and you are aspiring mountaineer, you should read these 12 best mountaineering books of all the time. Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man’s Miraculous Survival -Joe Simpson In 1985, two young climbers, Joe Simpson (Brendan Mackey) and Simon Yates (Nicholas Aaron), set out to be the first to reach the summit of the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. They succeed, and the two embark on the treacherous descent down the mountain only […]

Annapurna Circuit Trek Nepal - First Pilgrim

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit – A Photo Story from an Indian Perspective

“The mountains had bestowed on us their beauties, and we adored them with a child’s simplicity and revered them with a monk’s veneration of the divine. “ — Maurice Herzog, Annapurna: The First Conquest of an 8,000-Meter Peak After over 2.5 months of Hiking in Uttarakhand, I had a short window to pay a visit to the mecca of Himalayan Kingdom — Nepal, before the snow gods blocked all passages into this divine territory. Read Photo Story from my Perspective, […]

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