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High Altitude Sickness & Medicines to carry on a High Altitude Trek

What is High Altitude? Mountain medicine recognizes three altitude regions that reflect the lowered amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. High Altitude ranges from 1500 to 3500 meters or 49211 to 11483 feet, Very High Altitude is within 3500 to 5500 meters, and Extreme Altitude goes above 5500 meters. Why worry? An increasing number of people are traveling to new heights and altitudes every now and then. In this case, we mean trekkers and hikers. A small percentage of them […]


How to Prepare for Your First Trek in the Himalaya

First Trek-Ready-Get Set-Go! Excited for your first trek in the Himalaya? Bet you have your backpack, shoes and daredevil spirit ready, but are you actually physically fit to take the leap? While there are a lot of factors to be considered before your first trek, let us help you get physically fit first. PREPARATION: Why?   Physical fitness is key to enjoying the trek to the fullest, more so for first timers. You have to familiarize yourself with the bout […]


Top Maharashtra Forts You Should Visit Before You Die

On land and ocean, the strength of stone stands mighty over years. The Maratha heartland is fortified by over 350 forts – the largest number in any state in India. Few of the Famous and unique ones are listed here. Many of these Hill forts make for excellent treks in the Sahaydris. Few of the Top Maharashtra Forts are listed here. 1. Pratapgad Fort Location: Mahabaleshwar Type: Hill Fort Significance: It is from here that Shivaji scored a victory against the […]


8 Tips to leave the Trail Green (+Bonus Tip)

As a hiker, you have a responsibility – to give back to nature what it deserves! That’s it; it’s as simple as that. Respect it, that’s all it asks for. As a hiker, don’t you think you should…?… 1. Leave no trace: Preserve the natural habitat as it is. Do not mess with or spoil the trail. Leave it for the others to enjoy too. As the common philosophy goes ‘take only pictures, leave only footprints’, don’t leave a trace […]

Murphy's law of cycling

Murphy’s law of cycling

 Law 1: The day after you wash your bike it will rain   Law 2: The light will turn green the moment you unclip   Law 3 – You will always puncture when you don’t bring a pump. You would have brought everything but a pump   Law 4 – When building a bike from parts you bought over the internet, there will always be a piece that doesn’t fit   Law 5 –  There will be headwind in both […]

Celebrating freedom

First Pilgrim – Celebrating Freedom

On India’s Independence Day, we find the real meaning of Freedom by being in the outdoors   Starring: Sandesh Ragbansingh Gautami Putireddy Atul Khandar Mohan Singh Danu Camera & Edits: Neeraj Mishra To Subscribe to First Pilgrim: Like us on: Follow us on Instagram: First Pilgrim: Curated Himalayan Experiences | Travelers on Foot    


Forbidden Mountains in India: To Climb or Not To Climb

Trekking all the way up to snow-capped peaks and high elevations is quite a challenge. However, you just cannot climb the summit of banned peaks, no matter how physically fit you are. By banned, we mean they are forbidden to climb – some of them for religious or spiritual reasons, some for political and the others because of the prevailing environmental or physical conditions. Mountains and mythological significance go hand in hand. Moreover, the Himalayan mountain range has held a […]


The Rule of Three While Hiking – Because It’s Always Safety First

Rule No 1: You can survive for 3 weeks without food Rule No 2: You can survive 3 days without water Rule No 3: You can survive three hours without heat Rule No 4: You can survive for 3 minutes without air Rule No 5: You should hike with at least 3 people This is because, if one falls ill, one person can go looking for help, while one can stay with the sick person to take care of him. […]


Why Hiking should replace all other Corporate Team Building Activities

A team that hikes together stays together! Yes, you heard that right. That seems to be the new mantra today, and why not? Hiking is replacing traditional team building activities for reasons more than one. If you work in a corporate set-up, wouldn’t you want to take up hiking to…Here are our reasons why hiking should replace all other Corporate Team Building Activities 1. Build a strong bond Physical activities like hiking help in building bonds with teammates that last […]


Is it Safe to Trek in Kashmir

Many people who wish to go for a trek in Kashmir have one question in common – is it really safe to trek in Kashmir? With a plethora of amazing trekking options including Great Lakes, Tarsar Marsar, and trekking in the Karakoram, Zanskar, and Pir Panjal Ranges, Kashmir is a trekker’s dream destination.  However, being in News for attacks by terrorists, stone pelting by ingrown militants, sudden curfews, and much talked about cross border infiltration and tension, this gem of a nation […]

Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods-2

Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods

Tick tock… tick tock.. and the clock strikes red! Fellow hiker ladies, you know what I mean, so this piece is just for you, things you should take care while hiking during periods.   HOW TO… Stay clean? Practice good hygiene.   Maintaining a good level of hygiene is really important. Carrying wet wipes is the best practice. It can be used to clean yourself up. Keep a fresh packet handy for wiping your hands off too. Post that, use […]


How Hiking in India is different from Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in India is different from Nepal owing to different weather conditions, varied terrain etc. This post is not to advise which is better but to show the difference in hiking styles to make it easier for you to choose.   The terrain and views: It is a well-known fact that there are numerous high summits in the world offering breathtaking views, and Nepal has eight out of the ten highest ones. Ranging from Mount Everest to other Himalayan sceneries, […]

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