About Us

At First Pilgrim, we like to call ourselves as an 'Experience Provider', with our core expertise in organizing Leisure Hikes, Trekking Expeditions and Long distance bicycle touring in the Himalayan Region of India and Nepal.


Pilgrim is defined as someone who makes a difficult journey to a special place, traveling on foot. True to the definition, we believe the best way to explore any place or region is on foot and that's how the name First Pilgrim came into existence.


Our Core Mission at First Pilgrim is:


 1. Our Clients get the experience they seek
2. Creating a culture of Outdoors in India by spreading awareness about the positive effects of hiking
3. Creating Awareness about Eco/Green Hiking  (How to leave the trail beautiful and litter-free)
4. Ensuring Local Himalayan economy is supported (generating Employment opportunity for Local People)
5. Documenting Himalayan Culture and traditions (which needs preservation)
If you wish to register for any trek or learn more about our services, please leave your e-mail and Phone number and our mountain expert will get in touch with you shortly.