Is it safe for women to trek in the Himalaya?

Is it safe for women to go for a trek in the Himalaya

A solo hike to the Himalayas can seem really intimidating, but not if you know how to take care of yourself. It’s okay to be a little nervous as these trails are not easy to tread, but as the jitters set in, you must know how to take of yourself too. Let’s make your trek a sweet experience to remember.


Safety first: Remember, your safety is in your hands. Thus, do a thorough analysis of your travel plan and keep people back home informed about it. The Himalayas are gorgeous and it is easy to get lost in them. Therefore, have maps handy to get a fair idea of the path you tread. Chalk out the plan and hand it over or email it to at least two people you trust. They should know of your where-about.

Is it safe for women to go for a trek in the Himalaya

Emergency contact: Trail safety is of utmost importance. Be weary of physical and mental problems that could hit you at such high altitudes. To top it up, be prepared in case of emergency. Have an ICE (in case of emergency) number – that serves as your go-to contact number in case of help.


Activate SOS: Activate emergency services or other SOS applications on your smart phones. If your phone does not have an in-built feature, download an app. Additionally, you could use a satellite messenger that communicates when your phone is out of range.


Understand the terrain: Don’t underestimate the terrain. Check the level of difficulty, understand the gear that is needed, carry precautionary medicines and get a health check-up done before you begin. If you’re fit and aware, you can take care of yourself better.



Is it safe for women to go for a trek in the Himalaya


Don’t drfit away: Try and stay well within the range of your hike-mates. Even if you know your Himalayan terrain well, stay within the periphery of your campsite while at rest. While it is good to make friends, stay away from people who pull you away from the group.


Don’t take the no-entry zone: Do not tread into restricted paths alone, in fact, don’t enter territories that are prohibited, at all. There is no bravery medal awaiting you at the end of the dark tunnel. The terrains have their own dark sides, wild animals, slippery grounds and eroded sections and are meant to refrain from, for a reason.

Don’t give live updates: As addictive as social media is, it is not wise to provide real time updates to your followers. You never know who’s stalking you and you wouldn’t want to get into trouble with your carelessness and seeming innocence.


Don’t trust everyone: Be mindful of who you are talking to. There is nothing wrong in chatting up with fellow hikers and making friends along the trails. However, remember that they are people you have just met. Refrain from walking away to desolate paths and leaving sight of the campsite or group.


Positive effects

You have conquered some of the world’s most gorgeous and highest peaks. The beauty of the Himalayas grips all. It is a reason to celebrate. You are now…

–        Empowered

–        More confident

–        Have your fears in check

–        Able to handle tough situations better

–        Sharpening your strengths and working on your weaknesses

–        More likely to be open to bigger challenges

–        In the path to self-discovery

–        Healthier and happier

–        Liberated


Is it safe for women to go for a trek in the Himalaya

Important reminders

-> You must know how to deal with other hikers and strangers

-> Some GPS systems may fail or be inaccurate, thus, complete reliance on them is not a good idea.

-> Remember, you are not alone! You have your confidence, experience and strength to back you up!

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