Murphy’s law of cycling

Murphy's law of cycling

 Law 1: The day after you wash your bike it will rain



Law 2: The light will turn green the moment you unclip



Law 3 – You will always puncture when you don’t bring a pump. You would have brought everything but a pump



Law 4 – When building a bike from parts you bought over the internet, there will always be a piece that doesn’t fit



Law 5 –  There will be headwind in both directions always



Law 6 – It will never rain when you bring your Rain jacket with you. Never



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Atul Khandar

From Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand to the mighty Himalayan Range, from the Glaciers of Gangotri to standing at 18,500 ft face to face with the revered Sagarmatha, I have travelled the length and breadth of the mountains exploring them on foot. But I am not finished yet, there is still much to see and experience. Photographer | Avid hiker | Budding Film Maker | Entrepreneur

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