Seven Travel/Adventure books to read when on a hike

Seven Travel - Adventure books to read on a hike

Is hiking literally all about physical fitness and preparation? *nod no*

Doesn’t it involve a lot of mental makeup and emotional stamina too? *nod yes*

Here’s some brain food for you while you are on your hike *smile please*

While these books may not necessarily serve as guides to hiking, they are sure to feed that travel bug in you. If not, they serve as good reads. As you hike and take a break, flip through the pages and plan your next trip.

The Snow Leopard: This book by Peter Matthiessen is based on his experience of trekking in Nepal. It adopts a spiritual approach and evokes deep thoughts as he goes looking for the famed snow leopards of the Himalayas, along with naturalist George Schaller. He had lost his wife to cancer just before taking on the adventure, thus, the pages are moistened with a meditative approach to dealing with suffering and loss.


The Future of Ice: Gretel Ehrlich centers her focus on the dying glaciers as a result of climate change and global warming. She takes a plunge on ‘a journey into cold’ and expresses her concern on the factors affecting the natural icescapes. The book truly is a tribute to the winter and an ode to the collapsing surfaces of ice that have only been shrinking with time. When the cold winter winds cease to blow and the frozen caps on earth’s surfaces melt down, what is going to be left of the earth? That is something that the author throws light on. Read on and gear up to embark on a journey to explore the cold world while it lasts.


Vagabonding: A collection of trips and tips from over a decade-long experience of leading life like a vagabond, got Rolf Potts to write this book. As he shares his experiences on the road with readers, he throws light on the importance of self-discovery while experiencing the world. This nomadic Bible serves as a guide to planning your finances while traveling, engaging in voluntary work, understanding the life of a vagabond and adapting to normal life every now and then. Sounds like a book you’d want to pick, doesn’t it.


A Million Steps: This travelogue by Kurt Koontz gives the reader a fair idea of what goes on while treading the paths you’ve set out to. He particularly gives an insight into the route he took – Camino de Santiago. The book adopts humor while roping in personal experiences of the Pyrenees meadows and the journey till the end. It’s a well-blended concoction of his feelings, journey, addiction, and recovery. Read the travelogue to find out more


Small Feet, Big Land: A rather catchy title by Erin McKittrick, the book takes the readers on a trip around the corners of Alaska. The author tours the mines, villages, and glaciers of Alaska along with her husband, their toddler, and infant. Their journey, glimpses of climate change, encounters with animals, camping tales, adjustments during the treks and a lot more have all been beautifully documented. Take this book as a source of inspiration and get ready to brave the most challenging treks you can think of.


Without a Map: Meredith Hall pours her heart out to express her journey which has been a rough and tough one without a map. Beginning on a sentimental note, she gives her child up for adoption at a very tender age and embarks on a journey through the Middle East. She pens down all the difficulties she encounters till her return to New England to turn over a new leaf. By the end of it, she reunites with her son. Would she rather reset her life and live it differently? You will have to grab a copy to find out


Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips: Backpacking tips and tricks with supporting illustrations are on point in this book. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Mike Clelland, he has infused a sense of humor whilst focusing on the most important aspect of traveling light. Not only does he cover backpacking hacks, the aspect of comfort and give guidance on the necessary gear, but also emphasizes on safety measures to be exercised. This is an all-in-one guide to the best backpacking hacks.


We are sure you will have our suggested Travel & Adventure books on your next hike. If you love Mountains and you are aspiring mountaineer, you should read our list of 12 best mountaineering books of all the time.

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