Solo Backpack Trip to Spiti Valley – Day in Kaza

Kaza city top view

It was my 6th Day of Solo Backpack Trip. After finishing our amazing village tour from Nako Village, it was a time to head towards Kaza. Its 111 Km distance from Nako and almost 4 hours bus drive. Hope you will like this journey.

Nako to kaza

There is only one Bus which travels from Nako to Kaza, which starts from Recong Peo. It usually arrives at 12.30 to Nako and takes almost 4 hours to reach Kaza if everything goes right on your way: We finished our Nako village tour and was waiting on the main Highway for Bus. A lot of people told us that there is no guarantee that you will get a seat in the bus and probably you will have to stand in the whole journey because it’s only on the bus on this road and usually it gets crowded. We were mentally ready for it, but what happened on this Bus was not usual for us. (Landslides, Punctures and Tyre Blasts)

Kaza road landslide

Landslide, Yes but we were lucky that it was not on that day. A week back there was a landslide on Nako to Kaza road and BRO cleared that road in two days.  However, they were working on the road and it was half an hour wait for us. So we added one more friend in our bucket list on this road. Maja  AKA Maya ( A Beautiful Yoga teacher from Slovenia)

Kaza Bus road

Usually, it never happens that you get enough time to get out of the bus and have snacks with chit chat but it was happening with us so frequently on that day because our bus tyre got puncture twice. Honestly speaking it was scary. I think it was an only 2 hours that we started from Nako and we already faced a land slide delay and a flat tyre. It was not a good sign to start the journey. Luckily it happened where we got one army canteen to have some tea and Jalebi.

Kaza bus road

It took 45 min for a driver to replace the tyre and we started again. This was the first time I had a long conversation with Tzlil about her journey and experience in India. First time I got to know that in Israel 3 years military training is compulsory for everybody and everything about Falafel 🙂

Kaza Bus Puncture

I had an instinct and I told the same to other guys also, that this is not a good sign to have flat tyre and landslide. I was right …It was just 15 min that we changed the tyre and then there was one more tyre blast and this time it was huge. We had only one tyre which driver had already changed 15 min back. Everybody was in shocked and scared that what is happening with us. Nobody had a clue what to do next and then driver decided to drive the bus with the flat tyre, on worlds most dangerous roads as he had no option left. He said after 5 Km there is one small town where we can get repairing shop and we should take a risk. Next 5 Km was the scariest time of my life as I was seating next to driver seat. It took 1 hour for us to drive 5 Km. Finally, we reached the village where we repaired it again.

Kaza road

So what do you do when you have enough time and beautiful landscape, It was a time to open a camera bags and shoot. Nitin you owe this picture to me 🙂

Kaza sunset

We thought by 4 Pm we will be there in Kaza and then we will hang out in the city. But because of flat tyres and landslide situations, we knew that till the time we reach Kaza it will be dark. But next 2 hours were the most amazing hours for me because what I was seeing was breathless.  The real Spiti starts from here

kaza landscape

I can never forget this landscape …ever

spiti river

Spiti River originates from Kunzum Range, which is located at a height of 16,000 ft above sea level. River Spiti gets its waters from the glaciers that melt at the top of the Himalayan range. The river initially flows through Spiti valley and then meets Satluj River in Kannur. Spiti River is an epitome of natural beauty with many small water streams ending in Spiti River. A major tributary on left side of Spiti River is Chaladogpo.

Kaza city top view

This was the first glimpse of the Kaza town. Isn’t it breathe taking? Kaza is the largest town in Spiti & Lahaul Valley. It has been divided by river in two parts, “New & Old Town”. It is situated along the Spiti River at an elevation of 11,980 ft.

Kaza Sunset

And finally, the time came for what I was waiting for, the golden Spiti Mountains. I clicked this pic from moving Bus and felt so happy and blessed to see this magical moment.

Finally, we reached Kaza at 7 PM. Yes, it took 7 hours for us to cover 111 km. It was a tiring journey. Morning 5 Am to 10 Am village tour and then after 7 hours scary bus journey. We had no plans for next day and who cares …just enjoy you present.. kal ki kal dekh lenge

Here is my Itinerary for Solo Backpack trip to Spiti Valley

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