Solo Backpack Trip to Spiti Valley – Day in Langza & Komic

langza village buddha statue front view

Just imagine how exciting it must be to live in a village which is situated at 20 thousand feet from sea level, which gets covered with the snow for 9 months in a year, where you survive at -20-degree temperature, where you struggle for day to day basic needs.  Either you should be God or Superman to do that. I call myself extremely lucky to visit this place in real, Yes we are talking about Langza & Komic.

langza village

We started at 2 PM from Kibber village after an amazing local festival experience. It took 1.30 hour for us to reach Langza. Langza is the village of 150 people and around 40 homes. It is famous for its 1000 thousand-year-old Buddha statue. This is one of the villages in Spiti valley which purely depends on agriculture. It is the windiest place I have ever visited in my life. If you want to see Yak & snow leopard’s this is the place you should visit, but you should be lucky too.

langza village

This Buddha statue is pretty visible from 2 km. It is 1000 years old statue built by unknown sources. However local people paint this statue ones in a year.

langza village buddha statue

Seems like he watches and guards the entire valley, from this place.

langza village buddha statue front view

Front view of Buddha Statue at Langza Village.

langza village buddha statue front view

I remember taking a picture at this place. It was so windy that even my Tripod also flew away.  It was getting difficult to stay for more time at this place because of Low oxygen level. This was the place where the first time I felt AMS (Altitude or Mountain Sickness).

langza village mountains

Langza village is situated at the bottom of Chau Chau Kang Nilda Mountain which is more than 20 thousand feet and tallest in this region.

langza village mountains

As it was getting difficult for all of us to stay there because of the wind and less oxygen level we decided to move quickly. We were there for almost half an hour and then started our journey to Komic.

komic village

We started at 4 PM and reached 4.30 PM to Komic as its just 30 min drive from Langza. It is situated at 4587 meters and called as highest altitude village of this region. Nearly 114 people stay here including monks from an old monastery.  It is not easy to stay at this place for new visitors because of its high altitude and it is recommended to stay for 45 Hours to cope up with this altitude. Interesting part why it is called as Komic ( Ko – Snow Cock, Mic – Eye) because it is one of the villages in Asia which is situated at the highest level.

Tangyud Monastery

Komic Monastery is called as Tangyud Monastery. It is one of the highest altitude monasteries in India. Local says it has been built in 14 century by the Sakyapas rose to power under Mongol patronage. This place remains cut from the world for more than six to seven months in a year because of heavy snow falls.

komic Monastery

A typical wall structure at Komic Monastery.

snow leopard at komic monastery

This was the most interesting monastery till now I ever visited in this journey. Entry to women is prohibited here because of their culture. The first thing you will notice on entry is a dead snow leopard. Monk told us it is 400 years old and kept it on entry because of some reasons which he didn’t reveal. The most amazing thing which monk told us that this Monastery has hidden treasures which are made public ones every 60 years.  They claim to have eggs of a dragon, a horn of unicorn and ribcage of the demon. Dammm….

komic monastery

Can you dare to stay in this tent at this high altitude??

komic village

A school time for Monk

komic lake

We spent almost an hour at Komic and started back to Kaza which was 3-hour journey. Found this Heart shaped lake on the way. Love of Nature

komic valley

As you know the weather is pretty harsh and unpredictable here while going back to Kaza we witnessed a sudden cloud gathering. It is so amazing to see when cloud, mountains, and the sun plays with each other. Every minute they will surprise you with their beauty. We almost stopped our vehicle 3 time while going back to experience this.

komic to kaza

This place was a paradise for us, especially for photography. Every time I look these pictures it tempts me to pack my bags again and hit the road.

Here is my Itinerary for Solo Backpack Trip to Spiti Valley

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