Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods

Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods-2

Tick tock… tick tock.. and the clock strikes red! Fellow hiker ladies, you know what I mean, so this piece is just for you, things you should take care while hiking during periods.

Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods



  • Stay clean? Practice good hygiene.  

Maintaining a good level of hygiene is really important. Carrying wet wipes is the best practice. It can be used to clean yourself up. Keep a fresh packet handy for wiping your hands off too. Post that, use a hand sanitizer.

  • Remain healthy? Practice daily fitness.

Your overall health determines your fitness levels. Women who hike must keep themselves physically fit and active all year round in order to avoid sudden stress or exertion while hiking. The body must get used to taking physical stress at a gradual level and not as a sudden outburst. Remain well hydrated while hiking, and drink lots of water. It can do only good.

  • Minimize the mess? Use alternate modes.

Who wouldn’t want to minimize the mess of periods while hiking? Sanitary pads could be quite cumbersome to use and dispose. Try switching to alternate methods like tampons that are hassle-free or menstrual cups that can be reused. However, make sure your body is comfortable with them and that you have tried them before, and not just at the time of hiking.

  • Need double protection? Use paper.

Here, we mean toilet paper. Carry some and layer up with some for that added protection. Besides that, panty liners can be used on top of the sanitary pads as an added precaution.

  • Keep bears at bay? Use unscented products.

Although the topic is debatable, it is believed that bears might be attracted to menstrual blood. Even if they are not, they are attracted to scented products anyway. Thus, it is a good practice to use products devoid of strong scents. It’s better to keep bears at bay, isn’t it?  

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  • Deal with cramps? Pack medicines.

If you are habitual of taking certain medications as prescribed by your doctor, carry that along with you. It is advisable to consult your doctor before your expedition. This way you can tell them about the altitude and monthly syndromes if any, and they can guide you. Make a tiny first-aid kit with the essential medicines, tablets to relieve cramps and pain, and the basic first-aid supplies.

  • Dispose the products? Practice this.  

The golden question is ‘how to dispose of sanitary products’? The problem is that you can’t dispose them off or leave them on the sides of the trails unless you are heading to a rest-house with facilities along the way. The best way to go about this is to carry zip lock bags that prevent odor leaks and spills. Use double packs if necessary. Throw them in bins of the closest village or town.

  • Stay carefree? Adopt a good attitude.

You are responsible for giving yourself a good time or hard time while hiking with your monthly companion. Make it fuss-free by easing your mind out a little. A lot depends on how you let it affect you. Don’t get irritated or scared. Instead, learn to deal with it.

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  • Dark clothes:

No, you don’t necessarily have to wear dark colored pants or maroon-tinted tracks when your body clock goes red while hiking. Follow the above tips and share some useful ones of your own, to make hiking all month-long an easy affair.

  • Fear:

What if I start cramping, what if I get my period while hiking? Well, be prepared and stop worrying yourselves. It will only add to the stress. Just tuck your tummy in, put your chin up and head out to conquer the world. Moreover, never be afraid to seek help if you need some.

Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t let it bother you. Once you deal with it, you can soar to new heights, quite literally.  

Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods

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