Top Maharashtra Forts You Should Visit Before You Die


On land and ocean, the strength of stone stands mighty over years. The Maratha heartland is fortified by over 350 forts – the largest number in any state in India. Few of the Famous and unique ones are listed here. Many of these Hill forts make for excellent treks in the Sahaydris. Few of the Top Maharashtra Forts are listed here.

1. Pratapgad Fort
Location: Mahabaleshwar
Type: Hill Fort

Significance: It is from here that Shivaji scored a victory against the mighty Afzal Khan.


2. Shivneri Fort
Location: Pune/Junnar
Type: Hill Fort

Significance: Birth place of Shivaji. The Irony being he never ruled Shivneri, though he tried to capture it in 1657 and 1673


3. Lohagad Visapur
Location: Pune
Type: Hill Fort

Significance: Used to guard the trade route going through the Bor Ghat, now called as Khandala Ghat.


4. Rajamachi Fort
Location: Pune / Lonavala
Type: Hill Fort

Significance: Strategic point to control Borghat, the winding pathway & trade passage between Khopoli and Khandala


5. Daulatabad Fort
Location: Aurangabad
Type: City Fort

Significance: During the rule of the Tughlaqs, the capital was shifted from Delhi to Deogiri which was renamed Daulatabad.


6. Janjira Fort
Location: Murud, Raigad
Type: Sea Fort

Significance: The Portuguese, the British and the Marathas failed to subdue the power of the Siddis who occupied this fort and thereby controlled trade in these waters.


7. Torna Fort
Location: Pune
Type: Hill Fort

Significance: Shivaji’s first conquest, making it virtually the cradle of the Marathi Empire, shocking the throne of the great Moguls.

Courtesy: punehues Blogspot

8. Rajgad Fort
Location: Pune
Fort Type: Hill Fort

Significance: At 1,395 meters above sea level Rajgad Fort served as Shivaji’s capital, said to be among the toughest of forts and one that was almost unconquerable.


9. Sinhagad Fort
Location: Pune
Fort Type: Hill Fort

Significance: Strategic location perched on an isolated cliff of the Bhuleswar range of the Sahyadri Mountains, 1,312 meters above sea level.

By SasmitV – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

10. Suverndurg Fort
Location: Ratnagiri
Type: Sea Fort

Built for the Maratha Navy, the fort also had a shipbuilding facility. Objective of establishing the fort was to counter enemy attacks, mainly by the colonialists of Europe


11. Korlai Fort
Location: Raigad
Type: Sea Fort

Significance: A Portuguese fortification in the town of Korlai, which guarded the way to the Revdanda Creek.

CC BY-SA 4.0,

12. Vijaydurg
Location: Sindhudurg
Type: Sea Fort

Significance: Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides, The fort is also known as the ‘Gibraltar of the East’ since it was so impregnable.

By Ravi Vaidyanathan – originally posted to Flickr as The bastions of Vijaydurg, CC BY 2.0,

13. Panhala Fort
Location: Kolhapur
Type: Hill Fort

Significance: Shivaji spent many days on this fort; an interesting view from Panhala is that of the mountain pass that connects the rest of Maharashtra with its coastal areas.


14. Raigad Fort
Location: Raigad
Type: Hill Fort

Significance: Shivaji’s capital during his rule; important for the fact that Shivaji coronation took place here on June 6, 1674. It was also here that he breathed his last.


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