6 Camping Etiquettes to Follow on a Trek

6 Camping Etiquette to Follow on a Trek

Hey fellow campers! Set for the trek? Make sure you do it right. Here are some reminders to have fun but stay in...
3rd Dec 17
7 Mountaineers of India

Seven Mountaineers from India

Scaling the peaks of some of the highest mountains of the world is no child’s play! It comes with a great degree of...
3rd Dec 17

5 Herbs That Keeps You All Rejuvenated And Energized During Your Hikes

Out there wandering the beautiful trails of nature? If hiking is something that fills your soul with peace, warmth and confidence, never stop....
26th Nov 17

5 Important First Trek Shopping Tips for Himalaya Lovers

Trekking time calls for some preparation. Of course, you need the soul and zest of an explorer, but something beyond that as well....
25th Nov 17

10 Unique Himalayan Animals That Are Worth Trekking For

The beautiful Himalayan range that spans different countries, primarily Indian and Nepal, offers challenging treks that unfurl gorgeous views. The Himalayas give an...
25th Nov 17

10 Most Common First Aid Techniques While Trekking

Trekking is a passion, a way of exploring nature, a means of connecting with the beautiful world around you. Let’s keep it at...
4th Nov 17

7 Ladakh Monasteries You Just Cannot Miss

Ladakh, the gorgeous high desert of India is home to many Buddhist monasteries. They are structures of architectural marvel and are abundant in...
29th Oct 17

How to Deal with Wild Animal Attacks while Trekking

Trekking safety is an important aspect of concern. Medications, acclimatization, choosing the right trekking gear play an important role in dealing with trekking...
19th Oct 17

How to Select the Right Hiking Shoes

Shoes can make or break your trekking experience. Whether you’re hiking along well-paved paths or trekking through tough trails; ankle twists, toe blisters,...
27th Sep 17

The Famous Himalayan Flower: Rhododendron Benefits

All about Rhododendron: The Himalayas are home to a spring of flora and fauna. While there are countless species found in the belt,...
17th Sep 17
Seven Travel - Adventure books to read on a hike

Seven Travel/Adventure books to read when on a hike

Is hiking literally all about physical fitness and preparation? *nod no* Doesn’t it involve a lot of mental makeup and emotional stamina too?...
6th Sep 17
Is it safe for women to go for a trek in the Himalaya

Is it safe for women to trek in the Himalaya?

A solo hike to the Himalayas can seem really intimidating, but not if you know how to take care of yourself. It’s okay...
4th Sep 17
What to Pack for Your First Hike in the Himalayas

What to Pack for Your First Hike in the Himalaya

Woohoo.. it’s time to embark on a new journey uphill. Your first hike might be the most challenging yet exciting one. Besides your...
1st Sep 17

High Altitude Sickness & Medicines to carry on a High Altitude Trek

What is High Altitude? Mountain medicine recognizes three altitude regions that reflect the lowered amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. High Altitude ranges...
28th Aug 17

How to Prepare for Your First Trek in the Himalaya

First Trek-Ready-Get Set-Go! Excited for your first trek in the Himalaya? Bet you have your backpack, shoes and daredevil spirit ready, but are...
25th Aug 17

Top Maharashtra Forts You Should Visit Before You Die

On land and ocean, the strength of stone stands mighty over years. The Maratha heartland is fortified by over 350 forts – the...
19th Aug 17

8 Tips to leave the Trail Green (+Bonus Tip)

As a hiker, you have a responsibility – to give back to nature what it deserves! That’s it; it’s as simple as that....
19th Aug 17
Murphy's law of cycling

Murphy’s law of cycling

 Law 1: The day after you wash your bike it will rain   Law 2: The light will turn green the moment you...
18th Aug 17

Forbidden Mountains in India: To Climb or Not To Climb

Trekking all the way up to snow-capped peaks and high elevations is quite a challenge. However, you just cannot climb the summit of...
16th Aug 17

The Rule of Three While Hiking – Because It’s Always Safety First

Rule No 1: You can survive for 3 weeks without food Rule No 2: You can survive 3 days without water Rule No...
11th Aug 17

Why Hiking should replace all other Corporate Team Building Activities

A team that hikes together stays together! Yes, you heard that right. That seems to be the new mantra today, and why not?...
10th Aug 17

Is it Safe to Trek in Kashmir

Many people who wish to go for a trek in Kashmir have one question in common – is it really safe to trek in...
9th Aug 17
Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods-2

Things to Take Care of while Hiking during Periods

Tick tock… tick tock.. and the clock strikes red! Fellow hiker ladies, you know what I mean, so this piece is just for...
2nd Aug 17

How Hiking in India is different from Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in India is different from Nepal owing to different weather conditions, varied terrain etc. This post is not to advise which is...
1st Aug 17

Why is the Snow Leopard so Elusive?

The magnificent snow leopard: Snow leopard, the magnificent cat with its gorgeous fur is a mysterious animal. It is found in the Central...
26th Jul 17

12 Best Mountaineering Books of All Time

If you love Mountains and you are aspiring mountaineer, you should read these 12 best mountaineering books of all the time. Touching the...
23rd Jul 17
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