Why Hiking should replace all other Corporate Team Building Activities


A team that hikes together stays together! Yes, you heard that right. That seems to be the new mantra today, and why not? Hiking is replacing traditional team building activities for reasons more than one. If you work in a corporate set-up, wouldn’t you want to take up hiking to…Here are our reasons why hiking should replace all other Corporate Team Building Activities

1. Build a strong bond
Physical activities like hiking help in building bonds with teammates that last a lifetime. It helps you to get to know your real teammates. Working with your colleagues exposes their work face, which is more of a masked phase. However, an activity like hiking lifts the mask of their faces to expose their real face. Everyone wants to let go and have some fun. It is always nice to connect with them over such activities as you might get to see a completely different side of people when you interact with them on outdoorsy terms.

Benefits: Friendship, camaraderie, connect


2. Achieve a new level of wellness
Wellness is not confined to physical or mental health alone. Instead, it involves the perfect blend of fulfilment of the mind and body. With the world going digital and convenience taking over hard work, physical activities are headed downhill, coming to a near halt. Hiking is a great means of developing mental health and taking your mind off work. Additionally, it provides a concoction of physical health and mental peace during the course.

Benefits: Stamina, fitness, physical and mental health

3. Develop a good team spirit
Experiential activities are the best ways of tapping a positive team spirit. When it comes to group hikes, the teammates are bound to discuss the best strategy to take them to the end point in the most efficient way possible. Ideas are brainstormed and a leader is chosen. Not only do people pay heed to each other’s opinions, but also vest their trust in the person leading the way uphill.

Benefits: Trust, loyalty


4. Make decisions that involve groups
Team building is meant to pull teammates from different backgrounds and help them work together. Hiking happens to be one such activity that taps your ability to take instant decisions and trace out a map to achieve the most difficult task in front of you. The best plans are generally born out of ideas that converge from different minds.

Benefits: Decision-making, Strategy

5. Instil basic values
Talking of hiking at the root level, it instils a sense of responsibility and discipline. If you ask how it is because it helps employees adjust with each other to achieve a common goal. Through hiking, you get to experience a different side of life, as well a different side of the people you work with. Responsibility comes with team spirit, leadership and working in sync to make the team achieve their target.

Benefits: Discipline, sense of responsibility

With a plethora of benefits served on a platter, aren’t you already convinced to choose hiking over other team building activities? What are you waiting for? List down your set of advantages and get ready to take hiking up a notch.


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Aditi Shukla

Aditi Shukla is a traveller, explorer, soul-searcher and foodie. She loves embarking on new journeys and trying local food along the way, while documenting them on her blog Lyf&Spice (www.lyfandspice.com). She particularly loves exploring the countryside and little towns on foot, and has been nurturing her new found love for hiking for the past few years now. According to her, hiking gives a new perspective to a place and helps to uncover trails and views you would have otherwise not encountered.

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